Saturday, 13 October 2012

Replica FK-51 Mustang to be built at Krosno

FK at Krono, Poland will shortly start work on building the first example of the FK-51 Mustang. This is a 70% scale replica of the famous American WW2 P-51 Mustang fighter designed to be capable of aerobatic flights with a maximum load of +8g or -4g

Photo shows U.S. Army Air Force North American P-51 Mustang fighters from the 375th Fighter Squadron, 361st Fighter Group, from RAF Bottisham, Cambridgeshire (UK), in flight taken on 26 July 1944.

The project is a collaboration between FK-Lightplanes and Scalewings ( Austria ). The Krosno based company is very experienced in building composite material aircraft such as the FK-9, FK-12 and FK-14 light aircaft.

More info on the video link below which includes details of the master moulds being cut by CNC.

The aircraft will be offered in two versions, as an ultralight ( approx 472kg ) and as a ELA/LSA ( approx 600kg )  - engine choices include Rotax and Suzuki.

External Web Link to FK-51 Promo Video

Scalewings FK-51 Mustang website


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