Tuesday, 8 December 2015

G-CGGJ Schweizer 269C-1 - sold to Poland

The latest UK CAA data shows that Schweizer 269C-1 G-CGGJ was cancelled as "transferred to Poland" on 27th November 2015.

This helicopter was built in 2008 and came new to the UK being registered in Sept 2009 as G-CGGJ, operated by Patriot Aviation based at Coventry airport.

If you see this in Poland please let me know - thanks

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Visit to Aviation Artur Trendak - AAT

I recently had the opportunity to visit the Aviation Artur Trendak ( AAT ) factory at Jaktorow-Kolonia which is approx 35 miles SW of Warsaw, Poland.

The factory here has been building gyrocopters since 2007, initially as Celier Aviation building the Xenon. In late 2011 the business partners split leaving Artur Trendak to establish his own company AAT and further develop this gyro as the Zen1 and now as the Tercel. The three seat version is also in production now known as the Taurus. AAT have delivered approximately 60 gyrocopters since 2012.

At the time of my visit several three seat Taurus gyrocopters were being prepared for delivery to China as quick build kits.


AAT is also providing some support for the new Fusioncopter FC-4 four seat twinned engined gyrocopter. The first prototype is shown below being prepared for its initial flight.

I'd like to thank Artur Trendak and Michal Trendak for their help with this visit.


Thursday, 19 November 2015

Air-Res - Jungmann

Air-Res accquired the rights to produce the T-131 Jungmann ( Czech plans for the Bucker Bu-131 Jungmann ) in 2011 from Serwis Samolotow Historycznych ( SSH ). SSH themselves had built approx 30 examples between 1994-2011.

The first Air-Res built example flew in January 2013 with serial number 200. This was exhibited at Aero 2013 and went on to be registered as SP-YFB.  The aircraft features Olympic rings on the engine cowling and was delivered to a customer in Germany during 2015 registered as D-EGSY.

SP-YFB departs to Germany as D-EGSY - photo courtesy Air-Res

A second Jungmann serial number 201 was registered as SP-YPS in 2014, this is also belivered to have been delivered to a German customer.

The third example to be built by Air-Res (serial number 202 ) was exhibited at Aero 2015 in April 2015. This machine first flew in October 2015 registered as SP-YIN.


Tuesday, 23 September 2014

FK Lighplanes FK-51/SW-51 Mustang update

FK Lightplanes have started ground trials with their new Mustang - a joint venture between FK and Scalewings. The photo below shows the first flying prototype outside at the FK facility in Krosno Poland. This is a 70% scale replica of the famous American WW2 P-51 Mustang fighter designed to be capable of aerobatic flights with a maximum load of +8g or -4g.

photo courtesy FK Lightplanes

The aircraft appears to have the German registration D-MSWX underwing. The aircraft will be transported to Germany for flight trials. If all goes well then first flight could be next week. The type was originally marked as the FK-51 Mustang but now appears to known as the SW-51 Mustang.


Tuesday, 13 May 2014

G-CIEV Lindstrand balloon sold to Poland

The latest UK CAA register changes show that Lindstrand LBL 77X hot air balloon G-CIEV was cancelled from the UK register on 8th May 2014 as "sold to Poland".

This balloon c/n 1471 is almost new, built in 2014 and first registered in the UK in March 2014.

UPDATE - this balloon was registered as SP-BPV in June 2014.


Sunday, 20 April 2014

W-3A Sokol helicopter for Algerian Air Force

PZL Swidnik continues to build and test flying W-3A Sokol helicopters for the Algerian AF. The most recent example noted in April 2014 wears the Polish registration SP-SIN as well as the Algerian AF serial AT-36. Algeria are thought to have ordered 8 Sokol helicopters.

These helicopters wear a sand and brown camouflage colour scheme which also features several dayglo orange parts. The first example was test flying in early 2013.

The following table shows details of the first seven examples known to date - updates welcomed

AT-12 c/n 371001 - test flown as SP-SWL - delivered 31.4 via Karlsruhe, Germany
AT-14 c/n 371002 - test flown as SP-SIC
AT-18 c/n 371003 - test flown as SP-SIE
AT-22 c/n 371004 - test flown as SP-SIF
AT-28 c/n 371005 - test flown as SP-SII - delivered 3.14 via Lyon, France
AT-32 c/n 371006 - test flown as SP-SIL - delivered 31.4 via Karlsruhe, Germany
AT-36 c/n 371007 - test flown as SP-SIN

Note the non sequential Algerian AF serial numbers.


Tuesday, 17 December 2013

G-CJFK Schleicher ASW 20L glider sold to Poland

On the 5th December 2013 the UK CAA cancelled glider registration G-CJFK as "sold to Poland".

G-CJFK is a Schleicher ASW 20L glider, built in 1979 with construction number 20201 - it originally operated in the UK registered as BGA 4477 and prior to that in Germany as D-5979.  It will now take up a Polish glider registration likely to be in the sequence "SP-38......"

UPDATE - this glider became SP-3880

Photo link to glider ASW 20L G-CJFK


Friday, 21 June 2013

Zen1 gyrocopter 560kg testing

Earlier in 2013 the EASA increased the maximum take off weight for two seater gyrocopters from 450kg to 560kg.

To meet the new standards Aviation Artur Trendak ( AAT ) have been working with the Czech CAA - back in Feb 2013 Czech engineers visited the AAT factory to perform load and stress tests , see link below


On the 19th June AAT flew a new Zen1 gyro to the Czech Republic for flight testing by the Czech CAA - the revised undercarriage has been tested to 600kg.

Flight trials took place at Milovice, Czech Rep.

More images on the link below



Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Celier Aviation 2012 delivery their first new Xenon G2

At the end of 2011 the two key business partners at Celier Aviation ( the manufacturers of the Xenon gyrocopter ) went their separate way. They both wanted to continue building gyrocopters and so two new separate companies were formed - "Aviation Artur Trendak" and "Celier Aviation (2012)".

The new Celier Aviation have recently built a small batch of three Xenon G2 gyroplanes at their facility in Biskupice. The first test flight took place in May 2013 with the first customer delivery going to an owner in Germany in June.

New Celier Aviation Xenon G2 arrives at Muritz Airpark, Germany 6.13  - photo Celier Aviation

Celier Aviation will now focus on the development and test flying of the first Xenon G4 model whilst rival Aviation Artur Trendak continue with production and development of their own Zen1 gyrocopter.

UPDATE 18.6.13 - Celier Aviation have now delivered the second and third new Xenon G2 ( from a batch of 3 ) - these two machines are both painted black and were delivered to Germany on 13.6.13. 


Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Air Res - a new Jungmann

Back in the early 1990s Janusz Karasiewicz started to build Bucker Jungmann biplanes in Poland. The company was called Serwis Samolotow Historycznych ( SSH ) and they used plans and drawings from the Czech company Tatra. During World War 2 with Czechoslovakia occupied by the Germans the Tatra factory had licensed built Bucker Bu 131 Jungmann for the Luftwaffe as the T-131.

The first Polish built SSH T-131 Jungmann SP-PPF first flew in summer 1994 powered by a Walter Minor 4-111 engine. Production versions ( T-131PA ) used the more powerful M332AK suited for inverted flight and offering 140HP. The new build T-131 Jungmann sold well with many examples going to owners in Germany and Austria and others to Netherlands, Italy and South Africa. In 2006 Janusz Karasiewicz was killed in a FK-12 Comet accident at Bydgoszcz. Production continued until 2010 by which time approx 30 Jungmann had been built by SSH - the production rights were sold on in 2011 to Air Res.

Air Res T-131PA Jungmann SP-YFB c/n PA200 - photo thanks to Air Res

Air Res are based at Jasionka airfield just north of Rzeszow, Poland. Their first T-131 Jungmann SP-YFB first flew in January 2013 - this is also powered by the M332AK engine. The aircraft was exhibited at the Aero 2013 trade show at Friedrichshafen in April 2013. The aircraft has been painted to match that worn by Bucker Bu 131 Jungmann aircraft that took part in the 1936 Olympic games held in Berlin. A second Air Res Jungmann c/n PA201 is currently in production.


Sunday, 28 April 2013

Warsaw - Bemowo - 7th April 2013

The airfield was still covered in snow despite being early April and closed for flying. All the hangers were shut up with the exception of a small new hanger near the YALO facility.

Parked out in the snow was SP-MAH Cessna 150J c/n 15069481 - this aircraft was built back in 1968 and flew as N50680 before being imported and lregistered in Poland in 2009.

Also outside was SP-MAN Reims Cessna 152 c/n 01677 - this was built by Reims Aviation in France in 1979 and originally imported new into the UK as G-BHEA before taking up the out of sequence marks G-OWAK in 1980

The aircraft spent most of its life operating out of Biggin Hill airfield in Kent. It was cancelled from the UK CAA register in December 2009 as exported to Poland and became SP-MAN in April 2010.

At the back of the Aeroklub hanger was this GM-01 Gniady - I think this is the unfinished second example ( the first being SP-YBN ) - designed as a glider tug the design made use of existing many Koliber and Wilga components.

Parked outside the YALO facility was YALO Ultra Pup Bravo SP-SAMB  - ( "SAMB" probably refers to "Samoloty B", ie "Airplane Bravo" ). This is the third example assembled by YALO and was actually exhibited at the Aero 2010 trade fair at Friedrichshafen in April 2010.

Parked right outside the YALO facilty was this CH 601 Zodiac fuselage. There are approx a dozen Zodiac aircraft registered in Poland and at least two companies building them too. I do not know the identity of this particular aircraft or the subtype ( HD, HDS, UL, XL etc )  - it appears to have a little damage around the cowling so may be here for repairs - if you know more then please do send me an email - thanks.

Just beside the Pup Bravo was a small new hanger which was open - inside was the excellent looking SP-SORO a sleek Tecnam P2008 - this was delivered new in 2012.

The P2008 is a new two seat aircraft and has a carbon fibre fuselage with metal wings and rudder - at the time of writing no examples were registered in the UK so this was a new type for me, more info on the Tecnam website below

External Link to the Tecnam website

Also resident in the new hanger was Swedish registered SOCATA MS 894A Minerva 220 SE-FSU c/n 12076, the owner was doing a little work on the propeller hub.



Sunday, 21 April 2013

Warsaw - Polish Army Museum

The Polish Army Museum is located right in the centre of Warsaw city, on the Al Jerozolimskie just before the bridge crossing the River Vistula.

Outside the museum is a good collection of aircraft and fighting vehicles - you can access these free of charge. I've been here many times since 1994 and the collection has expanded over the years. Don't let the snow trick you into thinking I visited mid winter - these images were taken on 5th April 2013.  

Yak 40 044 c/n 9840659 was built in 1979 and served with 36 SPLT in the VIP transport for 30 years being based at Warsaw Okecie international airport. This aircraft is the latest addition to the museums collection.

Mig 21PF 0615 was delivered circa 1965 - this aircraft wears the Syrena emblem of 1 PLM based at Minsk airbase ( approx 30 miles East of Warsaw ) .

Mi-2 1449 c/n 531449040 was built at the PZL Swidnik factory in 1970 - it arrived at the Museum in 1996 and wears the red/white tail band of 42 ELT the last unit it served with, based at that time at Warsaw - Bemowo airfield. This Mi-2 is currently "under renovation".

An-26 1602 c/n 1602 served with 13 PLT based at Krakow - Balice - delivered new in 1973 this An-26 took on the identity SP-LWC in 1991 ( and latter SP-KWC ) for flights into Western Europe painted in an overall grey colour scheme with "Cargo" titles. The aircraft is fitted with additional navigational kit. It reverted to serial 1602 in 1996 and took on this camouflage colour scheme circa 1999 - it was retired from use in 2008 ( replaced by the new Casa 295M ) and arrived at the museum in 2010.   

Web link for Polish Army Museum


Saturday, 13 October 2012

Replica FK-51 Mustang to be built at Krosno

FK at Krono, Poland will shortly start work on building the first example of the FK-51 Mustang. This is a 70% scale replica of the famous American WW2 P-51 Mustang fighter designed to be capable of aerobatic flights with a maximum load of +8g or -4g

Photo shows U.S. Army Air Force North American P-51 Mustang fighters from the 375th Fighter Squadron, 361st Fighter Group, from RAF Bottisham, Cambridgeshire (UK), in flight taken on 26 July 1944.

The project is a collaboration between FK-Lightplanes and Scalewings ( Austria ). The Krosno based company is very experienced in building composite material aircraft such as the FK-9, FK-12 and FK-14 light aircaft.

More info on the video link below which includes details of the master moulds being cut by CNC.

The aircraft will be offered in two versions, as an ultralight ( approx 472kg ) and as a ELA/LSA ( approx 600kg )  - engine choices include Rotax and Suzuki.

External Web Link to FK-51 Promo Video

Scalewings FK-51 Mustang website


Saturday, 6 October 2012

LOT - Boeing 787 Dreamliner

The first flight of the very first LOT 787 Dreamliner is now imminent with the first aircraft SP-LRA ( line number 061 ) now fully painted at the Boeing Everett factory in Washington state.

The LOT Dreamliners will be powered by Rolls Rocye Trent 1000 engines and when delivered will be the first 787 of any European airline.

Delivery of the first aircraft for LOT is due in November 2013 - the aircraft will then undertake a short series of validation flights in Poland before passenger services commence in December.  LOT have trained five flight crews in the USA in readiness. LOT will use the new 787 aircraft on a variety of routes across Europe to build up flight crew experience and help promote the airline and the aircraft.

The Polish airline has announced that the 787 will operate from Warsaw into London Heathrow over the busy Xmas period.

Details of the first few LOT 787s are show below

SP-LRA - line number 061- c/n 35938  - first flight imminent - October 2012
SP-LRB - line number 078
SP-LRC - line number 086
SP-LRD - line number 087
SP-LRE - line number 088

UPDATE - The First Flight took place on 18th October when the very first LOT Boeing 787 took off on its first flight - SP-LRA was wearing the temporary US registration N1026G


Tuesday, 2 October 2012

ULC approves ELA 07 gyrocopter

The ULC ( Polish CAA ) has recently given type certificate approval to the ELA 07 Cougar two seat open cockpit gyrocopter.

This is major step forward for the liberalisation of the gyro market in Poland as previously the only type certified was the Polish built Xenon/Zen1.

Half a dozen of the Spanish built ELA 07 gyros have been operating in Poland since 2008 with most registered on the American "ASC" register and one with a Czech ( OK ) registration.

The first ELA 07 with a Polish registration is SP-XELA - this gyro had previously flown with the ASC registration "A21-KAC".

The local agent "Wiatrakowce" recently imported an agricultural version of the ELA 07 equipped with spray bars  - this was exhibited at a recent farm equipment trade show in Poland.

Find more info about the ELA gyrocopter in Poland on the web link below


Friday, 21 September 2012

Aero deliver new AT-3 to Fly Polska

Aero of Mielec have recently delivered the first of two new build Aero AT-3 training aircraft to the Fly Polska flight training school. This AT-3 is fitted with a Garmin glass cockpit flight display.

This aircraft is SP-GDK c/n 063 - Fly Polska have a small fleet of training aircraft that operate from the airfields at Mielec and Rzeszow.

The second example will be registered as SP-GDL c/n 064 and is due to be handed over to Fly Polska in late September 2012.

External Web Link to Fly Polska website

Thanks to Aero Sp zoo and EPML Spotters


Saturday, 15 September 2012

Polish aviation at Berlin ILA aero trade show September 2012

This years Berlin ILA aviation trade show took place in September rather than the usual exhibition in May. Several Polish aviation companies displayed their aircraft at this years show including

Aero-Kros - exhibited a MP-02 Czajka high wing single engine light aircraft

SP-YPR MP-02 Czajka

Aviation Artur Trendak - the company exhibited a Zen1 gyrocopter fitted with surveillance equipment and marked with "Police" titles

Zen1 gyrocopter - "Police" titles

Janowski - exhibited the J-6 Fregata SP-8057

Marganski - exhibited the twin engined EM-11C Orka aircraft and the Fox acrobatic single seat glider

SP-MAR EM-11C Orka
SP-3794 MDM 1 Fox glider

Photo Link to Fox SP-3794 at Berlin ILA 

Politechnic Warszawa  - the aviation faculty at this university has design several gliders in recent years - the latest is the AOS-71 - more info on this new glider on the link below

SP-8071 AOS-71 glider

Link to PW AOS-71 webpage

PZL Mielec - exhibited a Sikorsky S-70i Blackhawk helicopter built at Mielec  - over a dozen have now been built in Poland

SP-YVC S-70i Blackhawk c/n 763840

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Wilga 2000MA - G-RTRT

I recently visited the small airfield at Oaksey Park, a couple of miles south of Kemble airport ( Gloucestershire, UK ) and was lucky to see the only Wilga 2000 currently registered in the UK on maintenance - G-RTRT.

G-RTRT was built at the PZL factory at Warsaw-Okecie in 2006 and is construction number 00060021, ie #021.

This aircraft first flew in Spring 2006 registered in Poland as SP-WHO - it was exhibited at the Berlin ILA aero trade show in May 2006 painted all red with a yellow trim. The aircraft came to the UK shortly afterwards and was registered with the UK CAA on 8th June 2006 as G-RTRT owned by the local agent PZL International Aviation Marketing and Sales at North Weald airfield in Essex. 

In July 2007 this Wilga 2000 was sold by the local dealer to it's current owner in Gloucestershire ( note this owner had previously owned Wilga 2000MN G-RIIN c/n 010 ) - G-RTRT operates from a private strip not far from Oaksey Park.

Wilga G-RTRT does not fly a great deal - the UK CAA website shows that it had accumulated only 35 flying hours by December 2011 - as you can see from the photo it looks in perfect condition, the Lycoming engine virtually spotless.

At the moment G-RTRT is the only Wilga 2000 in the UK - the two previous examples G-RRIN and G-RIIN were both exported onto Canada.


Tuesday, 17 July 2012

G-UFCJ Cessna 172 sold to Poland

The latest UK CAA aircraft register update shows that Cessna 172S G-UFCJ c/n 172S10485 was cancelled as "sold to Poland" on 2nd July 2012. This aircraft was built in 2007 and spent three years flying with the Ulster Flying Club ( UFC ) at Newtownards between 2008-2011 ( hence the registration G-UFC... ).

Link to photo of G-UFCJ

If you see this aircraft in Poland please let me know - thanks Steve

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

I-28 Tractor Gyroplane

Poland has a long history of designing new and innovative aircraft  / helicopters / gliders - the Instytutu Lotnictwa ( IL ) aviation academy in Warsaw is currently working on a new gyrocopter, the I-28.

The I-28 is a two seat tractor gyrocopter, ie the powered propeller is at the very front of the aircraft rather than the more conventional ( in modern terms ) pusher type gyro where the powered propeller is behind the cockpit cabin.

The concept of tractor gyrocopters is not new with several designs flying in the 1930s ( Cierva designs )  - the  Instytutu Lotnictwa project brings this concept into the 21st century using the latest design techniques and materials. The design features a very sleek carbon epoxy aerodynamic fuselage with a two wheel undercarriage and a novel tail down design. At the moment the only tractor gyros being built are made in the USA by Little Wing Autogyros.

The first prototype is now nearing completion and the first test flight is due in late 2012.

More information on the link below

I-28 Gyrocopter


Saturday, 19 May 2012

Sky Guards - Xenon gyrocopter

The Sky Guards have recently taken delivery of their first Xenon gyrocopter, registered as SP-XESP - this gyro was built by Aviation Artur Trendak at Jaktorów - Kolonia, Poland.

The Xenon will be used by the volunteer fire service to help patrol Polands many large forests and road network to coordinate the emergency service response to fires and vehicle accidents and other incidents.

Eight local volunteer firemen have now been trained to fly the gyrocopter - the Xenon will soon be fitted with a FLIR turret to assist with the observation task.

With thanks to Darek Szymanczak for the photo and to Paul Komander for info.


Wednesday, 25 April 2012

New AT-3 for Alp-Air of Switzerland

Alp-Air of Bern, Switzerland have just taken delivery of their fourth Aero AT-3 light aircraft registered as HB-SRD with c/n 061.

Alp-Air offer flight training and scenic flights from based at Bern-Belp airport.

The first Alp-Air AT-3 HB-SRA suffered accident damage in August 2011 but has since been repaired at the Aero factory in Mielec, Poland - it returned to Bern in March 2012.

The Alp-Air AT-3 fleet is as follows

HB-SRA c/n 051 - delivered 2009
HB-SRB c/n 052 - delivered 2009
HB-SRC c/n 053 - delivered 2009
HB-SRD c/n 061 - delivered April 2012

More info on the Alp-Air website link below



Aero 2012 - Polish aircraft manufacturers

The annual Aero trade show at Friedrichshafen, Germany took place last week - the number of aircraft on display was down on previous years, this may be partly due to the global economic recession.

This year the following Polish built aircraft were exhibited at Aero 2012 ( listed alphabetically )

Aero-Service ( Warsaw ) - this company exhibited their brand new Panda aircraft - high wing, T tail all metal aircraft, now painted into an attractive white/red colour scheme

Panda - OK-QUA-06 - c/n 01

Allstar PZL ( Bielsko-Biala ) - two gliders were exhibited

SZD 54-2 Perkoz  - SP-8013 - c/n X-153

SZD 59 Acro - D-0507 - c/n 590.A.05.005

Celier Aviation ( Warsaw )

Xenon gyrocopter - D-MGXR

Ekolot ( Krosno ) exhibited four aircraft

JK-05L Junior - SP-SZER - c/n 05-08-05
JK-05L Junior - D-MBFN - c/n 05-09-04

KR-030 Topaz - unregistered - c/n 30-04-07

JK-01A Elf motor glider - unregistered

FK Lightplanes ( Krosno ) exhibited three aircraft

FK-9 ELA - I-B213 - c/n 456

FK-12 Comet S2- D-MKFJ - c/n 098

FK-14 Le Mans - D-MRTX - c/n 145

Marganski ( Kaniow ) - exhibited two gliders

S-1 Swift - D-8114 - c/n 109

MDM-1 Fox - D-9107 - c/n 229


Tuesday, 24 April 2012

New airline - Bingo Airways

Bingo Airways is the latest new airline to start up in Poland. Bingo will operate holiday charter flights from Warsaw, Katowice and Poznan to holiday destinations in and around the Mediterranean.

The airline has chosen a simple white and red colour scheme with a "smile" under the nose too. The first aircraft for Bingo Airways an Airbus A320 ( c/n 2118 ) was re-painted into the new colour scheme at Bournemouth-Hurn airport in England in April 2012.

This aircraft was built in 2003 and previously operated by Turkish airline Izair as TC-IZA- it will become SP-ABK shortly.

More info on the Bingo Airways website - click here

External Link to photo of the first Bingo Airways aircraft at Hurn in April 2012


Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Aero-Service - new Panda ultralight

Aero-Service will be exhibiting their new Panda ultralight aircraft at the Aero 2012 trade show in Friedrichshafen, Germany in April 2012.

The Panda is a high wing ( no struts ), T-tail two seat aircraft built primarily from duralumin metal with a MTOW of 472kg.

The prototype made its first flight in November 2012 at Modlin airport and is registered with the Czech registration OK-QUA-06.  A second Panda is currently under construction.

More information on the Aero-Service website, see



Monday, 13 February 2012

New Xenon - Aviation Artur Trendak

Aviation Artur Trendak will soon deliver a new Xenon G3 gyrocopter to a customer in Turkey. The gyro has been painted and is ready for dispatch - this will be the second Xenon in Turkey.

The photo shows the new forward opening doors which are a feature of the G3 model and the revised windscreen / nose profile.

The Aviation Artur Trendak factory continues Xenon production at Jaktorów - Kolonia, Poland, located at the site of the former Celier Avation facility.


Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Philippine Air Force - W-3 Sokol test flying

PZL Swidnik are currently test flying W-3 Sokol helicopters getting ready for delivery to the Philippine Air Force.

At least four examples are currently at Rzeszow airport in the south of Poland - they are painted overall olive drab with full Philippine Air Force titles and markings.

Seen flying this week at Rzeszow was W-3 Sokol serial 310921 also wearing the Polish test registration SP-SWP.

Three more examples are hangared and appear ready to delivery, serials 310919, 310920 and 310922.

The Philippine Air Force ordered eight examples of the W-3 Sokol for a utility helicopter role. The remaining four Sokols will be delivered in late 2012 ( maybe November ).

LINK to  more great photos by Maciej Goclon of Philippine AF W-3 Sokol helicopters

UPDATE 14.2.12 - These four Philippine Air Force W-3 Sokol helicopters were airfreighted out of Rzeszow inside Volga Dnepr An-124-100 RA-82044 on 13.2.12 - it is believed that they will be based at Clark Air Force Base. 


Tuesday, 31 January 2012

EM-11C Orka - deal with China

In December 2011 Marganski and Myslowski ( M and M) announced that an investment agreement had been reached with a consortium of aviation companies from China for a general aviation partnership. M and M have been seeking investment to facilitate serial production of the four seat twin engined Orka.

The deal will see EM-11C Orka aircraft built at the factory in Bielsko-Biala, Poland being sold to China  - the Orka aircraft will operate in the Hainan region of China.  Support in China will be provided by the China International General Aviation Industry Group ( CIGA ) and China Aviation Pioneer Technology Ltd.

The EM-11C Orka was granted a EASA Type Certificate in April 2011 and offers a range of 1,700 km.

The Chinese consortium will visit Bielsko-Biala in early 2012 for further talks including the proposal to build the EM-11C Orka in China.

Link to Marganski and Myslowski ( M and M) press release - 12.11  


Saturday, 14 January 2012

New KR-030 Topaz delivered in France

The Ekolot dealer in France has just delivered a brand new KR-030 Topaz aircraft to a customer in Dept 37 ( Indre et Loire ) - the aircraft has been registered as "37-AFL".

Almost 40 examples of the KR-030 Topaz have been built so far by Ekolot at Krosno, Poland.

With thanks to www.ekolot.fr

PolishAircraftBlog - Steve

Friday, 13 January 2012

PZL Swidnik announces new W-3A Sokol order

January 2012 - PZL Swidnik ( part of the AgustaWestland group ) have announced that five new build W-3A Sokol helicopters have been ordered by the Polish Air Force for VIP use. The new helicopters will be delivered by the end of 2013 and will replace the remaining Mil Mi-8 currently used in the VIP role.

The Polish Air Force already operate two W-3A Sokols in the VIP role, serials 0915 and 0916 - these two are painted in a VIP white/red colour scheme and were delivered in 2008/2009.

More details on the PZL Swidnik press release on the link below,

PZL Swidnik Press Release January 2012


Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The Xenon gyrocopter

Over the past 5 years "Celier Aviation" having been building the successful Xenon gyrocopter at their Jaktorów-Kolonia factory ( just south west of Warsaw, Poland ).  By the end of 2011 approximately 140 examples had been built and delivered to customers all over the World.

The company was owned by the Xenon designer Raphael Celier and his business partner Artur Trendak.

In December 2011 a statement on the "Celier Aviation" website made mention of a major re-structuring at the company. A brief message from Mr Celier suggests that he is currently in Russia ( I understand he is part of  French Aviation Technologies ( F.A.T ) which is in Moscow, Russia ).

At the same time a new company and a new website has appeared relating to "Autogyro.eu" - this appears to be managed by Artur Trendak and offers Xenon gyrocopters - the company is also located at Jaktorów-Kolonia.

The new Autogyro.eu website can be found on the link below
Autogyro.eu website

The F.A.T website can be found on the link below

French Aviation Technologies website

The Celier Aviation website can be found on the link below

Celier Aviation website

UPDATE - on the 3rd January 2012 I received a copy of a press release from Raphael Celier confirming the separation of the business between the two partners.  Raphael Celier confirms his intention to build Xenon gyrocopters at a near location near the centre of Warsaw, Poland.

So at this moment ( 3.1.12 ) it appears that there are two separate companies both offering to build new Xenon autogyros in Poland. 

In addition I wonder what will happen to the KISS gyrocopter that was under development.


Tuesday, 27 December 2011

SZD Jezow - News - PW-6U sold to Japan and Czech Republic

SZD Jezow have recently exported two examples of the PW-6U two seat training glider with one example going to Japan and another to the Czech Republic.

The Aeroklub at Mlada Boleslav in the Czech Republic have recently taken delivery of PW-6U c/n 78.04.09.

This PW-6U was registered locally as OK-3751 in December 2011 - this glider ( c/n 78.04.09 ) was newly built in 2008 by the SZD Jezow factory in Poland and was registered in Poland as SP-3751 in July 2008.

The glider was used as a factory demonstrator and travelled to several countries across Europe, including the UK in the summer of 2009. 

Link to Photo of PW-6U SP-3751 in Britain in 2009

The PW-6U exported to Japan was c/n 78.04.10 and registered locally in Japan as JA60YG in October 2011

If you have a jpeg photo of either PW-6U OK-3751 or PW-6U JA60YG then please email me - thank you.

Link to Aeroklub Mlada Boleslav - Czech Rep

Link to SZD Jezow glider factory - Poland


Wednesday, 14 December 2011

News from Aero-Kros - MP-02 Czajka

Aero-Kros have recently finished the 5th and 6th MP-02 Czajka light aircraft.

Czajka #05 first flew in November 2011 and has been registered as SP-SKRU - the new aircraft will be delivered to a customer in south eastern Poland very soon.

MP-02 #06 was delivered to Belgium in October 2011 and is now registered as OO-G92 - this is the first example with the modified larger cabin area.

Production continues with aircraft #07, 08 and 09 currently in assembly.

Thanks to Aero-Kros for this news.


Sunday, 13 November 2011

Aero AT-4 LSA in South Korea

Several examples of the Aero AT-4 LSA aircraft ( which is built at Mielec, Poland ) have been sold to customers in South Korea.

The first example was fully assembled and test flown in Poland as SP-YYE(2) before being delivered in 2010 to the Hanseo University air academy in South Korea and registered as HLC030.

At least six more AT-4 aircraft have been supplied as kits for assembly locally in South Korea - known details are as follows

AT4-028 - HLC030 - originally test flown in Poland as SP-YYE(2) - Hanseo
AT4-029 - HLC.......?
AT4-030 - HLC.......?
AT4-031 - HLC.......?
AT4-032 - HLC.......?
AT4-033 - HLC051 -  registered 11.11 for Hamjuhakwon
AT4-034 - HLC052 -  registered 11.11 for Hamjuhakwon

A photo exists of AT-4 HLC059 - taken in mid 2011 but I do not know the c/n for this aircraft - can you help ?

For more photos of the AT-4 in South Korea please see the links below



Sunday, 2 October 2011

Cameron balloon G-XSKY sold to Poland

The latest UK CAA aircraft register shows that Cameron N-77 hot air balloon G-XSKY c/n 2508 was cancelled as "sold to Poland" on the 12th September 2011.  The balloon was originally built in 1991.

If you see this balloon in Poland please let me know - a photo with its new Polish "SP-B....." registration would be great - thanks

Link to photo of G-XSKY below



Thursday, 15 September 2011

S-70i test flying at Mielec in Mexico Police colours

PZL Mielec S-70i SP-YVF has been test flying this week at Mielec, Poland now painted in full Mexican Police colours.

The Black Hawk is olive green with grey titles and logos for the Policia Estatal and wears Mexican registration XC-SPJ on the tail and nose.

Click through on the link below to see more great images of this machine on the EPML spotters website

EPML Spotters


Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Piotrokow Trybunal - August 2011

This was my first visit to the airfield at Piotrokow Trybunal.

A new modern private hanger has been built over on the north east side of the airfield - most of the aircraft over here were recently overhauled and repainted ready for sale - aircraft over here included,

SP-KCI Cessna 152 c/n 15286005 - this aircraft was built in 1986 and was previously N96086.  It was registered as SP-KCI in August 2006.

SP-KGX Cessna 172P c/n 17274495 - this aircraft was built in 1980 and was previously N52336 - it was first registered in Poland as SP-KGX in December 2008.

SP-FUW - MS 880B Rallye c/n 2515 - this French built aircraft was built in 1974 and operated in France as F-BVLA.  It has recently been imported into Poland and has yet to be fully registered. 

Over on the western side of the airfield is the Aeroklub hanger and apron plus a large cafe which was busy serving great food to the many parajumpers here.

SP-YOT - Jabiru J430 c/n 238 - this is the only J430 in Poland, it was first registered in August 2008

There are several Czech registered aircraft resident at Piotrokow - OK-BUT-04 is a Cora and this example dates from 1997