Thursday, 16 December 2021

New LPR Learjet 75 SP-MXR delivered

Brand new Learjet 75 Liberty SP-MXR arrived in Warsaw on 16th December 2021 for the "LPR" state medical air ambulance service. The aircraft routed in via Wick, Scotland.

photo via LPR

This aircraft has been fitted with seven medical systems and can carry two patients at high speed across Poland - the LPR have two examples on order. The LPR operates a large fleet of EC135 helicopters and two Avanti fixed wing aircraft.

Friday, 19 November 2021

New Dynali H3 ultralight helicopter - SP-HART

Hi-Tech Aviation of Poland shared a photo of another brand new Dynali H3 Sport ultralight helicopter heading to Poland as SP-HART from the Dynali factory at Thines (30km south of Brussels) in Belgium.

This will be the fourth Dynali H3 to be registered in Poland after SP-HELI, SP-HELO and SP-HITH. The D3 Sport is powered by a 135 HP engine based on a Rotax 912 ULS block and certified with a MTOW of 530 kg.





Saturday, 6 November 2021

SP-1979 - the marvelous Fauvel AV-36C glider

An excellent archive photo of Fauvel AV-36C SP-1979 taken at Warsaw Bemowo ( EPBC Babice ) in 1984 - this most unusual tailess glider was built in France in 1958 and was registered in Poland in June 1959. For many years it was flown by the Politechnic Warszawa. 


This glider still exists and for the past twenty years it has hung on the wall of the Aeroklub hangar at Bemowo, still in good condition.  

Sunday, 20 June 2021

New McDonalds balloon - SP-BGR Cameron N-90


A new balloon to be seen over the skies of Poland is SP-BGR - this yellow Cameron N-90 c/n 10239 with McDonalds titles was recently added to the Polish balloon register in April 2021. 


This balloon was previously operated in Germany as D-OMAC(2) - it now flies with the Grudziadz balloon club.


Thursday, 3 June 2021

New Foxbat - SP-SENO

Aeroprakt Manufacturing of Poland delivered another new A-22LS Foxbat ( MTOW 600KG ) in June 2021 - painted black and gold the aircraft is registered as SP-SENO, see photo below.



Tuesday, 25 May 2021

New PC-12 NGX delivered to Poland

On 25th May 2021 brand new Pilatus PC-12 NGX HB-FSG c/n 2084 was delivered from the Pilatus factory at Stans, Switzerland to Wroclaw, Poland. 


The aircraft is painted in an attractive blue and silver colour scheme and will soon be registered as SP-NCC(2) - photo with thanks to JB Aviation. 

The following PC-12 aircraft have been registered in Poland over the years - SP-ARC, SP-CIZ, SP-CMR, SP-EMA, SP-KKB, SP-KKW, SP-MBW, SP-MIX, SP-MIY, SP-MKM, SP-NAP, SP-NCL twice, SP-NPC, SP-NUT, SP-NWM, SP-ORT, SP-PPP, SP-SAB, SP-THC, SP-WBW and SP-ZIW

Sunday, 23 May 2021

Bocian G-DFLL - the last from Krosno

Browsing through my old photos I came across this lovely red Bocian G-DFLL I took in December 2009. I had seen this Bocian many times over the years at both Keevil and also as shown here at The Park - Kingston Deverill. 



This glider was built at the SZD factory at Krosno in 1965 with c/n 877 ( F-877 ) as a SZD 9 Bis Bocian 1D - in fact it was the last SZD glider to be built at their Krosno factory ( note that  Bocian production continued at SZD Jezow ). 

It was delivered new to Finland as OH-336, later becoming OH-KBP. It came to the UK in 1988 taking up the BGA registration BGA 3345 with trigraph "FLL". In September 2009 it moved onto the UK "G" register as G-DFLL with the Bath, Wiltshire and North Dorset Gliding Club at The Park. The registration was cancelled in 2012 with the glider listed as permanently withdrawn from use after 47 years of flying.   


Monday, 19 April 2021

Koliber G-BVAI returns to Poland

PZL 110 Koliber 150 registration G-BVAI has just returned to Poland after a ferry flight by Plane4You from its home base in Ireland. 

This Koliber is S/N 03900040 ( ie Koliber #40 ) and was built at the PZL factory at Okecie in Warsaw and had its first flight on 29th June 1990. The aircraft was delivered new to a customer in Denmark as OY-CYJ in August 1990. In July 1993 this Koliber was imported into the UK taking up the registration G-BVAI and since then has had ten registered owners in the UK. By August 2018 it had flown 1,004 flight hours.

The aircraft is now with the Aeroklub at Swidnik having departed its home base of Birr, Ireland and routing via Waterford Ireland, Bristol UK, Biggin Hill UK, Antwerp Belgium, Kassel Germany, Berlin Schönhagen, Leszno Poland, Warsaw-Bemowo Poland and finally to Swidnik.


Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Opegieka - Survey P68 SP-GEO visits Britain

In early April 2021 the Polish registered P68 TC Observer SP-GEO arrived in the UK. This aircraft is one of three survey aircraft operated by Opegieka. The company is based at Elbląg but often have an aircraft detached at Warsaw-Bemowo airfield.

SP-GEO was built new in 2011 by Vulcanair in Italy ( the P68 design was originally built by Partenavia ) with serial number 461-13-OTC and was registered in Poland in June 2011. This P68 has a transparent acrylic nose to help the crew see directly ahead during survey flights. 

On Sunday 4th April 2021 SP-GEO flew from Gloucester airport up to Leeds-East ( formerly RAF Church Fenton ) from where it has operated a number of survey flights over northern England. On Tuesday 13th April SP-GEO flew on to Hawarden airfield near Chester. The aircraft has used its registration as its radio callsign. 

Opegieka also operate two other survey aircraft - SP-OPG P68C ( solid nose ) and Beech C90A King Air  SP-ISS.


More info on this web link to the Opegieka website



Tuesday, 6 April 2021

30 Years ago - PZL Swidnik at Paris Air Show 1991

Thirty years ago back in summer 1991 PZL Swidnik exhibited W-3 Sokol SP-SUD at the Paris Air Show. The helicopter was painted white and red and carried the Show Code H340. This Sokol was registered with the GILC ( ULC ) on 29th May 1991 with c/n 310413. 

The photo below is sourced from the Polish National Photo Archive ( NAC ) and shows SP-SUD at Le Bourget airport in June 1991 during the Paris Air Show.


After the show SP-SUD returned to PZL Swidnik in Poland and was re-painted in a white and blue colour scheme ( same pattern as above ) with Okada titles. It passed through Stuttgart, Germany on delivery in October 1991.

This Sokol was delivered to Nigeria in late 1991 and was registered on 3rd December 1991 as 5N-UYI with local operator Okada. Okada Air ceased operations in 1997. By 2008 Sokol 5N-UYI was parked withdrawn from use in the long grass at Benin City airport, Nigeria. 

Link to photo of W-3 Sokol 5N-UYI at Benin City, Nigeria 



Thursday, 18 March 2021

More Bushcats arrive in Poland

Skysport Poland have recently imported several more examples of the South African built Skyreach Bushcat ultralight aircraft into Poland. 

Aircraft number 254 is shown in the photo below being delivered to a customer in Poland in March 2021. 

The first Bushcat to be registered in Poland was SP-SSKY S/N 180 registered in September 2017 - this example is blue and black and is fitted with nose gear.  Most other Bushcats in Poland are operated as taildraggers including the second example SP-SMOW S/N 208 registered in January 2019. 


Other Bushcats in Poland include SP-SMON and SP-SZKY plus more in build. 


Photos courtesy Skysport Poland



Saturday, 13 March 2021

A new type of ultralight aircraft in Poland is the ANG-01 Patriot 600RG - this aircraft is built in Ukraine and the first example arrived in Poland in November 2020, seen here with test registration SP-ZAAA

Wednesday, 24 February 2021

New Pipistrel Virus for Poland

Skydream of Bielsko-Biala have announced the imminent delivery of another brand new Pipistrel Virus SW from the factory in Slovenia - this aircraft will be registered as SP-SAMG - over 40 examples of the Pipistrel Virus ultralight aircraft have been registered in Poland. 


Virus SP-SAMG at the factory pre-delivery  - S/N 1045

Update - March 2021 - Another new Pipistrel Virus SW in Poland is SP-SRMC imported via agents Skydream, photo below

Thursday, 14 January 2021

Ekolot - new deliveries to France

Gray Light Aviation of France recently posted images of two new Ekolot aircraft from Krosno, Poland delivered to France in January 2021 by truck - the pictures show one new JK-05 Junior and one new KR-030 Topaz - construction numbers are unknown - Junior production had reached batch 10 and Topaz production has reached batch 11 by 2020.




Photos with thanks to Gray Light Aviation

Saturday, 28 November 2020

Two new Diamond DA-20 aircraft delivered to Deblin

The Lotnicza Akademia Wojskowa ( LAW - military flight academy ) at Deblin airbase took delivery of two further examples of the Diamond DA-20 C1 Eclipse on 27th November 2020 registered as SP-NTB and SP-NTC. The aircraft are fitted with glass cockpits and are used for basic flight training.  The LAW fleet now has ten examples of the Eclipse and also operate other types including the DA-40, the twin engine DA-42 plus Robinson R44 and Guimbal Cabri helicopters.

DA-20 C1 Eclipse SP-NTC on delivery to the Lotnicza Akademia Wojskowa at Deblin 


Other examples of the DA-20 C1 Eclipse operated by the Lotnicza Akademia Wojskowa include,


Photo courtesy Lotnicza Akademia Wojskowa




Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Ekolot fly new Topaz SW

At the end of October Ekolot test flew their new version of the Topaz, the Topaz SW. This version features a wing span reduced from the previous standard of 10.52m span to 9.52m. The wing fuel tanks have been removed and placed inside the fuselage.


 Photo courtesy of Ekolot 

This allows the wings to be disassembled for easier transport inside a trailer or to store the aircraft in a building. The first flight took place at Krosno airfield in late October 2020 with the aircraft wearing the test registration SP-ZARA.

Latest Air Res T-131 Jungmann

Air Res Aviation have released images of their latest new build T-131PA Jungmann - this example is serial number 104 and has been painted in period colours to represent Luftwaffe use by unit Jg 54. The Jungmann is available for sale at their Rzeszow site.  

This new Jungmann is currently advertised for sale on the link below

New Jungmann for sale at PlaneCheck

Friday, 25 September 2020

RWD-8 Replica nears completion


A replica RWD-8 basic two seat tandem trainer is nearing completion - the project has been built by Henryk Wicki of TZL Aviation at Swidnik in Poland. The RWD-8 high wing single engine aircraft was used extensively in Poland during the 1930s by both the Polish Air Force and local aeroclubs. Over 500 examples were built although none are known to exist today.


 photo courtesy Warsztat Lotniczy TZL


The replica is expected to have its first flight in late September 2020 and is registered on the Ultralight register as SP-STZL


Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Cessna 175C Skylark - a rare machine

 A recent visit to Warsaw-Bemowo airfield found Cessna 175C Skylark SP-FYZ - the aircraft looks in excellent condition. This example was built in 1962,  the 175 Skylark was only in production between 1958-1962. 



SP-FYZ was registered in Poland in July 2001 having been imported from Sweden as SE-CXO. It was initially based at Suwalki. I saw FYZ at Lisie Katy in 2008 and at Bemowo in 2019 and 2020. The Skylark features a geared Continental GO-300C engine. Approx 2,100 Skylarks were built before Cessna ceased production. 

One other Skylark in Poland is SP-KYM a Cessna 175B variant built in 1961. 


LINK - More info about the Cessna 175 Skylark here


Tuesday, 23 June 2020

JK-2 Nano - Ultralight gyrocopter

Manufactured by Fusioncopter the JK-2 Nano is a very light weight gyrocopter, designed for the UL 115 Kg class ( MTOW 200 kg ). Aircraft in this category can be flown without a pilots licence. The Nano is powered by a Polini Thor 250DS engine producing 36 HP ( Polini engines are often used on powered paragliders PPG )

The prototype Nano ( SP-NANO ) first flew in September 2019 with early production examples ( SP-ZNAN and SP-ZNAX ) flying by Spring 2020 - the first customer delivery is said to be imminent.

Saturday, 20 June 2020

New Aero AT-3 R100 - SP-AVA

June 2020 - The latest AT-3 to be completed at the Aero AT facility at Mielec, Poland is aircraft number 110, now registered as SP-AVA.

This AT-3 R100 has a MTOW of 630kg and is fitted with a Garmin glass cockpit - the aircraft also has additional wing fuel tanks each holding a further 50 litres.

The registration SP-AVA was previously used on a Cirrus SR22 from 2008-2012.   

Friday, 12 June 2020

New Aeroprakt A-32 in Poland

Aeroprakt Polska based at Zator airfield in southern Poland, recently shared a photo of a new A-32L in Poland - SP-SKRE is c/n 104 see photo below,

The A-32 is manufactured in two basic versions:
  • UL (MTOM 472.5 kg) with the designation A-32L
  • LSA (MTOM 600 kg) with the designation A-32LS
Other A-32 aircraft in Poland include SP-SDPR, SEKW, SGSA, SKRD, SMAZ, SMTT, SPMA, SSRK and STPK.

Thursday, 11 June 2020

Two new Aero AT-3 for Aeroklub Warszawa

June 2020 - The Aeroklub Warszawa at Warsaw-Bemowo airfield ( Babice EPBC ) have recently taken delivery of two new Polish built Aero AT-3 aircraft - these are registered as SP-TPE(2) and SP-TPF(2), see photo below


The two new aircraft are S/N 108 and 109 and have a MTOW of 630 kg (old version MTOW 582 kg), fuel tanks in the wings 2 x 50 litres, adjustable pedals , and Garmin glass cockpit.

The Aeroklub Warszawa has operated the AT-3 for many years using aircraft SP-TPC ( c/n 001 ) and SP-TPD ( c/n 002 ).

Note that registrations SP-TPE(1) and SP-TPF(1) were both used also earlier as AT-3 aircraft, but not operated by the AK Warszawa  - TPE(1) from 2001-2005 before being sold to Germany as D-EZAT and SP-TPF(2) from 2005-2006 before being sold to France as F-GURT

Thursday, 30 April 2020

New Trendak Tercel delivery to Belarus

30th April 2020 - Aviation Artur Trendak have recently delivered a new Tercel gyrocopter to a customer in Belarus. This is the first example of this Polish built two seat gyro to be delivered to Belarus ( EW ). The gyro was delivered to the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, the highest state scientific organization of the Republic of Belarus

You can view more about the worldwide sales of this gyro on my Xenon-Zen1-Tercel gyrocopter Blog.

Friday, 21 February 2020

Ultralekki/Ultralight Register - SP-Z........ sequence

The Polish Ultralight ( Ultralekkie ) register covers a wide range of different types of aircraft - light aircraft/light gliders/ paramotors/ UAVs/gyrocopters etc

A further sub-section is Ultralight aircraft manufacturers test registrations - manufacturers may use these to do initial flight tests prior to customer delivery or perhaps if testing a modification - these are allocated in the "SP-ZABC" range

An example of the these test marks is SP-ZABL shown here on an Argon 915 gyrocopter prior to customer delivery ( in Poland gyrocopters are registered in the UL SP-XABC sequence )

Monday, 3 February 2020

New SZD 55-1 Neo from Allstar

Glider manufacturer Allstar SZD test flew their new SZD 55-1 Neo in December 2019 - the glider is registered as SP-4076 and is painted white/blue with a sharksmouth too. This is the 12th example of the 55-1 built by Allstar ( with a further 110 production examples built during the 1990s by the original SZD ).

Photo courtesy Allstar SZD

Production continues with at least two further new build examples for completion in 2020.

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

If you have an interest in Polish aircraft and or the "SP" Polish civil aviation register then you may want to join and contribute to my Facebook group, see below

SP- Polish Civil Aviation Talk

Friday, 3 January 2020

New EC135 for Straz Graniczna - Polish Border Guard

3rd January 2020 - The Straz Graniczna ( SG ) - Polish Border Guard report delivery of a brand new Airbus Helicopters EC135 P3H helicopter  - the aircraft will be based at Huwniki in south east Poland to operate observation and reconnaissance flights along the Polish ( and EU ) border areas. The EC135 is registered as SP-VSS and is fitted with a FLIR aerial observation system as well as a searchlight. It can take 7 people on board with a maximum flight duration is 3 hours. 30 minutes. 

photo courtesy Straz Graniczna

The SG operate a mixed fleet of aircraft and helicopters including Wilga 2000, PZL Kania, PZL W-3, Stemme ASP S15 and Robinson R44 with new Let 410 aircraft on order.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

G-CGGJ Schweizer 269C-1 - sold to Poland

The latest UK CAA data shows that Schweizer 269C-1 G-CGGJ was cancelled as "transferred to Poland" on 27th November 2015.

This helicopter was built in 2008 and came new to the UK being registered in Sept 2009 as G-CGGJ, operated by Patriot Aviation based at Coventry airport.

In December 2015 this helicopter was registered in Poland as SP-AYA ( Note that SP-AYA was originally a Lockheed 10A Electra back in the 1930s )

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Visit to Aviation Artur Trendak - AAT

I recently had the opportunity to visit the Aviation Artur Trendak ( AAT ) factory at Jaktorow-Kolonia which is approx 35 miles SW of Warsaw, Poland.

The factory here has been building gyrocopters since 2007, initially as Celier Aviation building the Xenon. In late 2011 the business partners split leaving Artur Trendak to establish his own company AAT and further develop this gyro as the Zen1 and now as the Tercel. The three seat version is also in production now known as the Taurus. AAT have delivered approximately 60 gyrocopters since 2012.

At the time of my visit several three seat Taurus gyrocopters were being prepared for delivery to China as quick build kits.


AAT is also providing some support for the new Fusioncopter FC-4 four seat twinned engined gyrocopter. The first prototype is shown below being prepared for its initial flight.

I'd like to thank Artur Trendak and Michal Trendak for their help with this visit.


Thursday, 19 November 2015

Air-Res - Jungmann

Air-Res accquired the rights to produce the T-131 Jungmann ( Czech plans for the Bucker Bu-131 Jungmann ) in 2011 from Serwis Samolotow Historycznych ( SSH ). SSH themselves had built approx 30 examples between 1994-2011.

The first Air-Res built example flew in January 2013 with serial number 200. This was exhibited at Aero 2013 and went on to be registered as SP-YFB.  The aircraft features Olympic rings on the engine cowling and was delivered to a customer in Germany during 2015 registered as D-EGSY.

SP-YFB departs to Germany as D-EGSY - photo courtesy Air-Res

A second Jungmann serial number 201 was registered as SP-YPS in 2014, this is also belivered to have been delivered to a German customer.

The third example to be built by Air-Res (serial number 202 ) was exhibited at Aero 2015 in April 2015. This machine first flew in October 2015 registered as SP-YIN.


Tuesday, 23 September 2014

FK Lighplanes FK-51/SW-51 Mustang update

FK Lightplanes have started ground trials with their new Mustang - a joint venture between FK and Scalewings. The photo below shows the first flying prototype outside at the FK facility in Krosno Poland. This is a 70% scale replica of the famous American WW2 P-51 Mustang fighter designed to be capable of aerobatic flights with a maximum load of +8g or -4g.

photo courtesy FK Lightplanes

The aircraft appears to have the German registration D-MSWX underwing. The aircraft will be transported to Germany for flight trials. If all goes well then first flight could be next week. The type was originally marked as the FK-51 Mustang but now appears to known as the SW-51 Mustang.


Tuesday, 13 May 2014

G-CIEV Lindstrand balloon sold to Poland

The latest UK CAA register changes show that Lindstrand LBL 77X hot air balloon G-CIEV was cancelled from the UK register on 8th May 2014 as "sold to Poland".

This balloon c/n 1471 is almost new, built in 2014 and first registered in the UK in March 2014.

UPDATE - this balloon was registered as SP-BPV in June 2014.


Sunday, 20 April 2014

W-3A Sokol helicopter for Algerian Air Force

PZL Swidnik continues to build and test flying W-3A Sokol helicopters for the Algerian AF. The most recent example noted in April 2014 wears the Polish registration SP-SIN as well as the Algerian AF serial AT-36. Algeria are thought to have ordered 8 Sokol helicopters.

These helicopters wear a sand and brown camouflage colour scheme which also features several dayglo orange parts. The first example was test flying in early 2013.

The following table shows details of the first seven examples known to date - updates welcomed

AT-12 c/n 371001 - test flown as SP-SWL - delivered 31.4 via Karlsruhe, Germany
AT-14 c/n 371002 - test flown as SP-SIC
AT-18 c/n 371003 - test flown as SP-SIE
AT-22 c/n 371004 - test flown as SP-SIF
AT-28 c/n 371005 - test flown as SP-SII - delivered 3.14 via Lyon, France
AT-32 c/n 371006 - test flown as SP-SIL - delivered 31.4 via Karlsruhe, Germany
AT-36 c/n 371007 - test flown as SP-SIN

Note the non sequential Algerian AF serial numbers.


Tuesday, 17 December 2013

G-CJFK Schleicher ASW 20L glider sold to Poland

On the 5th December 2013 the UK CAA cancelled glider registration G-CJFK as "sold to Poland".

G-CJFK is a Schleicher ASW 20L glider, built in 1979 with construction number 20201 - it originally operated in the UK registered as BGA 4477 and prior to that in Germany as D-5979.  It will now take up a Polish glider registration likely to be in the sequence "SP-38......"

UPDATE - this glider became SP-3880

Photo link to glider ASW 20L G-CJFK


Friday, 21 June 2013

Zen1 gyrocopter 560kg testing

Earlier in 2013 the EASA increased the maximum take off weight for two seater gyrocopters from 450kg to 560kg.

To meet the new standards Aviation Artur Trendak ( AAT ) have been working with the Czech CAA - back in Feb 2013 Czech engineers visited the AAT factory to perform load and stress tests , see link below

On the 19th June AAT flew a new Zen1 gyro to the Czech Republic for flight testing by the Czech CAA - the revised undercarriage has been tested to 600kg.

Flight trials took place at Milovice, Czech Rep.

More images on the link below


Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Celier Aviation 2012 delivery their first new Xenon G2

At the end of 2011 the two key business partners at Celier Aviation ( the manufacturers of the Xenon gyrocopter ) went their separate way. They both wanted to continue building gyrocopters and so two new separate companies were formed - "Aviation Artur Trendak" and "Celier Aviation (2012)".

The new Celier Aviation have recently built a small batch of three Xenon G2 gyroplanes at their facility in Biskupice. The first test flight took place in May 2013 with the first customer delivery going to an owner in Germany in June.

New Celier Aviation Xenon G2 arrives at Muritz Airpark, Germany 6.13  - photo Celier Aviation

Celier Aviation will now focus on the development and test flying of the first Xenon G4 model whilst rival Aviation Artur Trendak continue with production and development of their own Zen1 gyrocopter.

UPDATE 18.6.13 - Celier Aviation have now delivered the second and third new Xenon G2 ( from a batch of 3 ) - these two machines are both painted black and were delivered to Germany on 13.6.13. 


Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Air Res - a new Jungmann

Back in the early 1990s Janusz Karasiewicz started to build Bucker Jungmann biplanes in Poland. The company was called Serwis Samolotow Historycznych ( SSH ) and they used plans and drawings from the Czech company Tatra. During World War 2 with Czechoslovakia occupied by the Germans the Tatra factory had licensed built Bucker Bu 131 Jungmann for the Luftwaffe as the T-131.

The first Polish built SSH T-131 Jungmann SP-PPF first flew in summer 1994 powered by a Walter Minor 4-111 engine. Production versions ( T-131PA ) used the more powerful M332AK suited for inverted flight and offering 140HP. The new build T-131 Jungmann sold well with many examples going to owners in Germany and Austria and others to Netherlands, Italy and South Africa. In 2006 Janusz Karasiewicz was killed in a FK-12 Comet accident at Bydgoszcz. Production continued until 2010 by which time approx 30 Jungmann had been built by SSH - the production rights were sold on in 2011 to Air Res.

Air Res T-131PA Jungmann SP-YFB c/n PA200 - photo thanks to Air Res

Air Res are based at Jasionka airfield just north of Rzeszow, Poland. Their first T-131 Jungmann SP-YFB first flew in January 2013 - this is also powered by the M332AK engine. The aircraft was exhibited at the Aero 2013 trade show at Friedrichshafen in April 2013. The aircraft has been painted to match that worn by Bucker Bu 131 Jungmann aircraft that took part in the 1936 Olympic games held in Berlin. A second Air Res Jungmann c/n PA201 is currently in production.


Sunday, 28 April 2013

Warsaw - Bemowo - 7th April 2013

The airfield was still covered in snow despite being early April and closed for flying. All the hangers were shut up with the exception of a small new hanger near the YALO facility.

Parked out in the snow was SP-MAH Cessna 150J c/n 15069481 - this aircraft was built back in 1968 and flew as N50680 before being imported and lregistered in Poland in 2009.

Also outside was SP-MAN Reims Cessna 152 c/n 01677 - this was built by Reims Aviation in France in 1979 and originally imported new into the UK as G-BHEA before taking up the out of sequence marks G-OWAK in 1980

The aircraft spent most of its life operating out of Biggin Hill airfield in Kent. It was cancelled from the UK CAA register in December 2009 as exported to Poland and became SP-MAN in April 2010.

At the back of the Aeroklub hanger was this GM-01 Gniady - I think this is the unfinished second example ( the first being SP-YBN ) - designed as a glider tug the design made use of existing many Koliber and Wilga components.

Parked outside the YALO facility was YALO Ultra Pup Bravo SP-SAMB  - ( "SAMB" probably refers to "Samoloty B", ie "Airplane Bravo" ). This is the third example assembled by YALO and was actually exhibited at the Aero 2010 trade fair at Friedrichshafen in April 2010.

Parked right outside the YALO facilty was this CH 601 Zodiac fuselage. There are approx a dozen Zodiac aircraft registered in Poland and at least two companies building them too. I do not know the identity of this particular aircraft or the subtype ( HD, HDS, UL, XL etc )  - it appears to have a little damage around the cowling so may be here for repairs - if you know more then please do send me an email - thanks.

Just beside the Pup Bravo was a small new hanger which was open - inside was the excellent looking SP-SORO a sleek Tecnam P2008 - this was delivered new in 2012.

The P2008 is a new two seat aircraft and has a carbon fibre fuselage with metal wings and rudder - at the time of writing no examples were registered in the UK so this was a new type for me, more info on the Tecnam website below

External Link to the Tecnam website

Also resident in the new hanger was Swedish registered SOCATA MS 894A Minerva 220 SE-FSU c/n 12076, the owner was doing a little work on the propeller hub.