Tuesday, 5 June 2012

I-28 Tractor Gyroplane

Poland has a long history of designing new and innovative aircraft  / helicopters / gliders - the Instytutu Lotnictwa ( IL ) aviation academy in Warsaw is currently working on a new gyrocopter, the I-28.

The I-28 is a two seat tractor gyrocopter, ie the powered propeller is at the very front of the aircraft rather than the more conventional ( in modern terms ) pusher type gyro where the powered propeller is behind the cockpit cabin.

The concept of tractor gyrocopters is not new with several designs flying in the 1930s ( Cierva designs )  - the  Instytutu Lotnictwa project brings this concept into the 21st century using the latest design techniques and materials. The design features a very sleek carbon epoxy aerodynamic fuselage with a two wheel undercarriage and a novel tail down design. At the moment the only tractor gyros being built are made in the USA by Little Wing Autogyros.

The first prototype is now nearing completion and the first test flight is due in late 2012.

More information on the link below

I-28 Gyrocopter


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