Sunday, 13 November 2011

Aero AT-4 LSA in South Korea

Several examples of the Aero AT-4 LSA aircraft ( which is built at Mielec, Poland ) have been sold to customers in South Korea.

The first example was fully assembled and test flown in Poland as SP-YYE(2) before being delivered in 2010 to the Hanseo University air academy in South Korea and registered as HLC030.

At least six more AT-4 aircraft have been supplied as kits for assembly locally in South Korea - known details are as follows

AT4-028 - HLC030 - originally test flown in Poland as SP-YYE(2) - Hanseo
AT4-029 - HLC.......?
AT4-030 - HLC.......?
AT4-031 - HLC.......?
AT4-032 - HLC.......?
AT4-033 - HLC051 -  registered 11.11 for Hamjuhakwon
AT4-034 - HLC052 -  registered 11.11 for Hamjuhakwon

A photo exists of AT-4 HLC059 - taken in mid 2011 but I do not know the c/n for this aircraft - can you help ?

For more photos of the AT-4 in South Korea please see the links below


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