Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Piotrokow Trybunal - August 2011

This was my first visit to the airfield at Piotrokow Trybunal.

A new modern private hanger has been built over on the north east side of the airfield - most of the aircraft over here were recently overhauled and repainted ready for sale - aircraft over here included,

SP-KCI Cessna 152 c/n 15286005 - this aircraft was built in 1986 and was previously N96086.  It was registered as SP-KCI in August 2006.

SP-KGX Cessna 172P c/n 17274495 - this aircraft was built in 1980 and was previously N52336 - it was first registered in Poland as SP-KGX in December 2008.

SP-FUW - MS 880B Rallye c/n 2515 - this French built aircraft was built in 1974 and operated in France as F-BVLA.  It has recently been imported into Poland and has yet to be fully registered. 

Over on the western side of the airfield is the Aeroklub hanger and apron plus a large cafe which was busy serving great food to the many parajumpers here.

SP-YOT - Jabiru J430 c/n 238 - this is the only J430 in Poland, it was first registered in August 2008

There are several Czech registered aircraft resident at Piotrokow - OK-BUT-04 is a Cora and this example dates from 1997

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