Tuesday, 1 June 2010

ZS Jezow - PW-6U glider in the UK

The Cotswold Gliding Club are based at Aston Down airfield near Cirencester  - they operate many gliders including a pair of modern PW-6U two seater trainers.

The PW-6U was originally designed by the Politechnic Warszawa ( PW ) in Warsaw, Poland. Serial production was underataken by PZL Swidnik - between 2000 and 2004 approximately 30 PW-6U gliders were built at Swidnik with examples exported to New Zealnd, Japan, USA, France, Germany, Norway, Canada and Egypt.

Production at Swidnik ceased in 2004.  The licence and certificate to build the PW-6U was acquired by Henry Mynarski of Zaklad Szybowcowy Jezow ( ZS Jezow ). Mr Mynarski has a long history of glider construction in Poland.

ZS Jezow completed their first newly built PW-6U in 2007 c/n 78.04.01 - this first example was exported to Canada.  To date nine PW-6U have been built at ZS Jezow including exports to the USA, UK and Australia.

The Cotswold Gliding Club operate two PW-6U,

G-CKRU c/n 78.04.07
G-CKRX c/n 78.04.08


Link to Cotswold Gliding Club, UK

Link to ZS Jezow builder of the PW-6U glider


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