Friday, 8 January 2010

PW-5 Smyk - c/n 17.03.004 leaves New Zealand

The PW-5 Smyk single seat glider has been very popular in New Zealand over the past 15 years with over 20 different airframes delivered.

The PW-5 Smyk was originally designed by the Politechnic Warszawa in Warsaw, Poland as a design entry for the FAI World Class glider competition - the Smyk was the winning design and serial production was undertaken by the PZL Swidnik factory from 1993 to 2003.

Smyk c/n 17.03.004 was built in late 1994 and arrived in New Zealand in March 1995 becoming ZK-GWN flying with the Wellington Glider Club at Paraparaumu.

This Smyk was cancelled from the New Zealand aircraft register on 6th January 2010 as "exported"

If you know where is has been sold to then please do let me know - my guess would be Argentina or Australia but I'd like confirmation please.


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