Tuesday, 8 December 2009

UK "G-..." register - 3 Polish aircraft exported - November 2009

The latest UK CAA "G-...." aircraft register shows three Polish built aircraft and gliders have been exported from the UK.

G-CHWX SZD 59 Acro c/n B-2170- cancelled on 26.11.09 as exported to Germany ( D ). This glider was built in 1996

G-CKBZ SZD 50-3 Puchacz c/n B-2043 - cancelled on as exported to Poland ( SP ). This glider was built in 1991 and is now back in its homeland.

UPDATE - this Puchacz has become SP-3788 and was seen flying at Bialystok in 8.10

G-RIIN PZL 104MN Wilga 2000 c/n 00010010 - cancelled on 27.11.09 as exported to Canada. This Wilga was built in 2001 and test flown as SP-WEI - it arrived in the UK in May 2001 and became G-RIIN on 27.6.01.

UPDATE - See LINK below to show this aircraft fitted with floats in Canada in summer 2009 - looks great



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