Tuesday, 15 December 2009

SZD 25A Lis - HB-750

In the early 1960s the SZD glider factory at Jezow built 30 SZD 25A Lis gliders - this is a very distinctive design and is now a rare glider type as few remain today.

Lis c/n 727 was built in 1961 - it was originally registered as SP-2343 before being exported to Switzerland as HB-750.

HB-750 operated from the Swiss airfield at Porrentruy - it was cancelled from the HB register on 12.11.09 - let's hope the glider will be restored one day in the future.

If you have a photo of HB-750 please let me know - Thank you.

External Link to more information about the SZD 25A Lis



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